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Fun down the Links!

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Fun down the Links!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Residents from all 3 units at CastleGait Manor took a trip to The annual Links Market Fun Fair. Fun was had by all, whether you were there for a game of bingo, to sample the delicious food or bare a white knuckle ride on one of the many thrill seeking rides. Rosie, Angela, Shannon and Dawn can be seen in the pictures bravely taking a ride on the Fast and Furious machine. Shannon and Zoie had a terrifyingly great time on the ghost train. A trip to the market wouldn’t be complete with a hot dog or burger from the food van.

When the fun fair is in town, it’s time to have fun. Residents from CastleGait Manor attended the annual links market for some truly white knuckle baring fun. Only for the faint of heart, residents Angela, Shannon, Rosie and Care assistant Dawn climbed aboard the fast and furious ride which had them whizzing around at unbelievable speeds as, as seen in the photos. Some folk prefer the not so terrifying spectacles of the fair and had a game of bingo as demonstrated by Peter who managed to win himself a set a of mugs. Kevin and Shannon can be seen playing hook a duck where Gordon also won a giant inflatable hammer. One of the best things about the market is the amazing food, a great bite to eat after all they adrenalin pumping rides and especially after a fright on the ghost train as displayed by Shannon and Care assistant Zoie. Every one who attended the market said they had a fantastic time. Smiles all round from everyone.  

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