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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A brilliant afternoon was had by all in Barra Unit, celebrating and trying some different food from America. While all listening to different American music. Gordon and Peter especially loved the acquired taste of American Root Beer. One of Irene’s favourite foods, hotdogs were served. While it was smiles all round when the new York cheese cake was served but it was the selection of American candy  got the biggest smiles of the day.

It all started in Barra unit with everyone making American flag Decorations  to hang up on the wall for world food day . As the food was being prepared the staff and residents were listening to some American music from Whitney Houston to Dolly Parton. The food was enjoyed by all. Hot dogs with onions and a big piece of new York cheesecake, all  washed down with good old traditional American Root Beer (all agreed it looks like cola but tastes like liquorice). As it was American food  day a great candy selection of supersize marshmallows, m n m’s, Oreos and Reeses pieces all washed down with a milk shake made with ice-cream was to follow. All agreed that it was a fun day and the food was amazing. A sing song of Dolly Parton 9 till 5 ( well 8 till 8 for the staff ) was the best way to end the afternoon and all can’t wait till the next one.

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